The number of residents of the infamous Al-Khol refugee camp in the Syrian province of Hasaka has decreased as 32 families went to the settlement of Haya, which is 15 kilometers from Manbij.

Camp Al-Khol is located in territory controlled by pro-American militants from the Kurdish terrorist organization Syrian Democratic Forces. Along with the other camp of Rukban, Al-Khol was known for the humanitarian catastrophe that developed in the territory, which, however, did not interfere with keeping civilians inside.

In May, thousands of representatives of tribes and elders demanded the release of all those who are not affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist group from the camp. * In this connection, about 800 people have already left the camp, and now 32 more families have been released.

It is worth noting that only women and children are among those released, but it remains unknown whether they are really not associated with the Islamic State.

According to the latest UN data, about 70 thousand people still remain in the camp . More than 90 percent of them are women and children. In addition, it is noted that among the residents of the camp there are those children whose parents joined the terrorist groups.

Earlier, News Front published the story of a native of the Rukban camp , who was forced to join the pro-American armed group in order to earn his family from the camp.