With populist Donald Trump ensconced in the White House and Liberals seething with revenge, voters have been left behind in this game of thrones. Will the confrontation spill over the internet borders and into the streets?
Let’s begin by stating the obvious, and that is the Republicans and Democrats are presently locked in a fierce power struggle that seems destined to end in unmitigated disaster. It’s not just that the competition between the two major parties is scorching hot, but that their competing visions for America are so radically different. With the Liberals becoming ever more ‘progressive’ in ways the Conservatives will never accept it is nearly impossible to see how the two groups can ever live peacefully together under the same roof. Eventually something must give, and perhaps it already has.

Presently, the roaming Inquisition of the Democratic Party, in constant search of new dragons to slay, has turned its attention to the question of race – or more precisely, racism. The Russians will be happy to know they haven’t been blamed – yet – for this latest political debacle. In fact, there is a brand new twist in this developing saga and it does not bode well for the future of the country. 

The four progressives said the massive spending bill, which does not provide a single copper penny for Trump’s promised wall, by the way, leaves the illegals vulnerable to the “concentration camp” conditions they must endure. It would be refreshing to see a similar outpouring of concern, not to mention money, over the quiet plight of millions of homeless Americans now living very precariously in tent cities across the country. Photo ops with these disenfranchised citizens, however, just don’t carry the same political punch as do photo ops with illegals making a reckless dash for the border with children in tow. But I digress.

The question must be asked as to how a fiercely multicultural country is expected to move forward when cries of ‘racism’ will be heard every time an objection is made to a piece of legislation presented by the minority. It is not too difficult to imagine, especially in this day of virtue signaling, bad legislation getting passed for fear of offending some marginalized group.

Needless to say, the response from the Democrats came fast, furious and very clumsy. Nancy Pelosi, fresh from reprimanding the freshmen females, fell from her horse as she was forced to side with ‘the Squad’ against the president’s terrific tirade. She went so far as to call Trump’s tweets “racist” on the House floor, with yet more promises of impeachment proceedings against the Republican leader. Trump, meanwhile, used the opening to slam the progressive congresswomen of being anti-Israel, pro Al-Qaeda and supporters of Communism. If this is a taste of things to come as we head into the 2020 elections, we may be in for many more ugly surprises.

In any case, the main question at this point is whether this vanity-driven insanity really serves the interests of the American people. If being entertained by their government representatives with periodic Twitter meltdowns and in-house fighting over petty insults qualifies as having their interests served, then the American people have nothing to complain about.

I am guessing, however, that many Americans are at their wits’ end over the non-stop battle being waged daily between the Republicans and Democrats ever since Trump entered office. The dry leaves and kindling of partisan antipathy are piled high and a single spark could trigger a real crisis in the Heartland that no amount of tweeting will be able to contain.

Finally, absurd claims with regard to race and racism in the most multicultural country in the world will never serve the interests of the United States, where so many people are the direct descendants of immigrants. In fact, they will only serve to destroy it.