For five years since the time of Euromaidan, the regime of Petro Poroshenko absolutely lost the trust of Ukrainian citizens, which, however, did not prevent the West from continuing to support him, including in the escalation of the conflict with Russia, told journalist Burckhardt Evert in a publication for the German edition of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.

He expressed confidence that after the extraordinary parliamentary elections, Ukraine’s foreign policy vector could turn 180 degrees, and the West would be helpless to watch Kiev and Moscow go for rapprochement.

Evert explains such prospects by the fact that the pro-Western political elite of Ukraine was literally driven out by the Ukrainian people. However, not only Petro Poroshenko should be ashamed of the situation. Already the former president of Ukraine has really completely lost the trust of the population, but despite this both the European Union and Berlin, in particular, have supported such an unpopular politician for years.

According to the journalist, the results of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine were a demonstration of the one-sided and failed position of the West on the issue of the Ukrainian crisis. The presidential party “The Servant of the People” practically monopolized the legislature, which means that nothing will prevent Kiev from taking the path of change, because there are much fewer opponents of reconciliation with Russia.

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