On the evening of July 21, a group of unknown people in white T-shirts beat demonstrators and passengers at the Yuen Long metro station after another protest in the city center. As a result of the attack, about 45 people were injured. This writes the South China Morning Post.

People in white attacked passengers in black clothes. This color has become one of the symbols of protest demonstrations on the streets of Hong Kong.

The clashes began at about 10:30 pm local time (5:30 pm Moscow time), the police arrived only an hour after the start of the beatings. The attackers are not detained.

Eyewitnesses suggested that the attack was staged by members of criminal communities – the Hong Kong triads. They were armed with sticks and whips, beating indiscriminately both protesters and journalists.

Dozens of people were injured, at least 45 were sent to hospitals or turned themselves there. One of the victims in critical condition.

Prior to this, on July 21, another protest was held in the city center. According to its organizers, more than 430 thousand people participated in the demonstration. They threw eggs at government buildings and painted the walls with spray paint. The police dispersed the rally with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Mass actions against the adoption of the law on extradition are held in Hong Kong since the beginning of June. According to him, the leadership of the autonomy would be able to transfer to the mainland China suspected of crimes. On June 9, about a million protesters took to the streets; since then, the actions have been repeated several times.

Consideration of the bill was postponed indefinitely, but the meetings did not stop. Participants demand a final rejection of the bill, and also advocate the expansion of rights and freedoms in the autonomous region.

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