President Donald Trump is considering stepping in to eliminate Amazon’s looming $10 billion contract with the Pentagon for cloud computing, Bloomberg News reports.
“President Donald Trump recently demanded more information about how the Pentagon crafted a massive cloud-computing contract it’s poised to award to Inc. or Microsoft Corp., in order to decide whether he should intervene,” Bloomberg reported late Wednesday. The story continued:

The Defense Department is set to give the contract, worth as much as $10 billion over ten years, to one of the two companies next month. Amazon, whose cloud-computing technology leads the market, is seen as the favorite. But Trump recently was made aware of letters Republican members of Congress have written to the White House and military leaders complaining that the contract’s terms froze some companies — including Oracle Corp. — out of the competition, according to two people familiar with the matter. Trump expressed frustration he wasn’t aware of the concerns and asked aides to show him the correspondence, the people said.
On Thursday, President Trump’s son Donald Trump, Jr., tweeted about the contract, too, ripping it as “No Bid Bezos” and as “shady and potentially corrupt practices” by Amazon:

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