Afghanistan could have lost capitol to Taliban attack

Afghanistan could have lost capitol to Taliban attack

Militants of the Taliban terrorist group in the spring were planning a massive assault on the Afghan capital says the adviser to the President of Afghanistan on national security issues, Hamdulla Mohib, during his visit to Parwan province.

“This year the enemies intended to enter Kabul or at least seize a number of provinces,” the official said, noting that these plans were foiled.

At the same time, he stressed that, thanks to the efforts of the Afghan security forces, in recent months, many territories that had previously been under the control of militants have been liberated. He also drew attention to the fact that Afghanistan does not intend to accept the terms of settlement imposed by the West, if they do not meet the interests of the country.

“In the event that the world will be offered to us in the form of a project or collusion that will destroy our system, we will be ready to counteract this,” said Hamdulla Mohib.


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