Syrian Militants Transported Smuggled Explosives In Cans With Olive Oil

Employees of the Syrian secret services intercepted a consignment of explosives in the province of Latakia, where the cargo came from the northern regions of Aleppo, bordering Turkey.

On this on Thursday, July 18, the specialized telegram channel Directorate 4 reports, citing local sources.

According to reports, the prohibited cargo was found at one of the roadblocks in the area of ​​the city of Jebl when inspecting a car that, according to the accompanying documentation, was carrying olive oil.

However, having opened the canisters, law enforcement officers found components for the manufacture of explosive devices in them: wires, a detonator, and also a fuse.

It is worth noting that in the area of ​​the city of Jabla there is also the Hmeymim airbase, where the Russian Air Force are located. This base was repeatedly subjected to attacks by militants, in most cases with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.


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