Against the background of the crisis in relations between Ankara and Washington, the US nuclear weapons stored in Turkey can suddenly migrate to Bulgaria says expert of international and regional security Chavdar Bocharev, commenting on emerging information about the location of US nuclear weapons in Europe . A report entitled “The New Era of Nuclear Deterrence? Modernization, arms control and Allied nuclear forces was announced in April, and on its pages you could find information about dozens of military facilities where the United States can store nuclear weapons. Among the countries mentioned in the document were Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

According to the expert, the small details of the current situation add up to a big and unpleasant picture for Bulgaria. In particular, he drew attention to the fact that in the US budget for the current fiscal year more than $ 5 million was allocated for the construction of a logistics complex in Bulgaria.

“We all know that there are four NATO bases in our territory,” he continues. – In my opinion, this is money just for the construction of a nuclear ammunition depot. Because in Bulgaria there are plenty of warehouses for conventional weapons. ”

Bocharev also suggested that the Novo-Selo testing ground would be the most likely place to build such an arsenal – one of the joint US-Bulgarian military bases.

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