Even the American leadership has much to learn from European leaders in hypocrisy in the international arena says Teheran University professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi in a publication for the publication “Middle East Eye”.

He recalled that at the time when US President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan for the Iranian nuclear program, the EU implored Tehran to remain committed to the deal, promising “to find an acceptable solution in a few weeks”, but since then it has been the second year .

“Contrary to the strengthening of internal opposition trends, Iran has shown strategic patience, against the backdrop of the ongoing escalation of Washington’s economic war against the Iranian people,” the expert emphasizes.

In such a situation, Iran was forced to begin preparations for a real armed confrontation with the United States. Along the southern coast from Iraq to Pakistan, underground military facilities are already stretching. At the same time, Marandi noted that attempts by the West to unleash a war with Iran would result in a global catastrophe, because the result of the conflict would be the destruction of all oil and gas installations, tankers and cargo ships on both sides of the Strait of Hormuz.

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