Yellow Vest protesters clashed with police shortly after France’s Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on Sunday.

Protesters chanted “Macron resign” and “Revolution” as the President’s motorcade rolled in to the parade on France’s national day, which celebrates the overthrow of the monarchy during the French Revolution. According to the organisers, the special demonstration was staged to “celebrate the revolution and the victory of the people over the elites once again.”

Tear gas could be seen being deployed against protesters and over 150 were reportedly detained for staging an unauthorised demonstration.

One protester explained that no end was in sight for the protests – which have reached their 35th consecutive week – because demonstrators don’t perceive a change in French President Emmanuel Macron’s politics.

“I’m here because Macron doesn’t listen to anything, he continues his poor politics, so long as he doesn’t want to change his approach, nor will we,” he said.

Since the movement began last November, tens of thousands took part in demonstrations across France voicing their grievances which range from high taxes on fuel to income inequality.

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