The political factor associated with pressure from the United States is forcing individual EU countries to criticize and even boycott the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, but the consequences of such an approach can cost them dearly in the near future.

This was told by the former head of the office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Ronald Pofalla.

According to him, the sabotage of the Nord Stream-2 will result in a catastrophe for the European states, because they, including Germany, initiated a program to abandon coal in the energy sector. In this regard, countries should gradually switch to more environmentally friendly energy sources, and the first on the list is gas. It not only does not have a serious impact on the environment, but is also extremely beneficial.

The politician recalled that by 2038, Germany would completely switch to environmentally friendly energy resources, and by that time Nord Stream 2 would be of strategic importance, because it would supply German power plants with gas.

A hostile approach to construction, as Pofalla notes, has purely political motives. However, it should be borne in mind that in the coming years the gas pipeline will turn into the main artery for the whole of Europe, without which it will not be able to provide itself with electricity.