So many migrants have never been accepted by Europe as in 2018, the latest UN report says. At the same time, through the efforts of European liberals, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deport illegal immigrants from European countries, according to the M1 Union 28 program.

In 2018, 70.8 million people moved to Europe, which is 2.3 million more than in 2017.

If to look at the statistics for a longer period of time, then this increase in migration is even greater, because 20 years ago, in 1998, only about 35 million illegal immigrants were looking for a new home. In recent weeks, migrants massively left temporary camps and spread throughout the world.

“Arriving in Europe in six months or so requires serious organizational work. Thus, we can assume that it’s not just that someone sets off on the road simply because of the good weather in the Middle East or in Africa. The bottom line is that the migration flow is supervised by organizations funded primarily by George Soros,” said European analyst Andre Palok.

Migrants get help not only on their route. For example, in Berlin, they can receive free medical care, which not all native Germans can fully afford.

The administration of the German capital issues migrants with anonymous bank cards and an anonymous health insurance card. This is true, no one even looks at the fact that among the migrants there are real terrorists from the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

Berlin is the first provincial city where similar measures were introduced to support migrants. Even dental care paid for all can be used by migrants with a health insurance card for free. Migrants who have unnamed, unrecognizable, uncontrollable cards!

“Obviously, we see again how liberal politicians would like to pay for their idea at the expense of indigenous Europeans. They are trying with all their might to show that immigration is good. But is it good for the industrious population of Berlin?” said Peter Turchi, research director at the Center for Fundamental Rights.

The city administration of Berlin launched a program with a funding of 1.5 million euros. According to experts, migrants using anonymous bank cards already pay smugglers their way to Europe. It is very convenient to travel at the expense of the indigenous Europeans, to receive free medical care.

European expert Andre Palok also talks about this problem: “Assistance for migrants with cards makes it easier for them to go to Europe by providing them with additional financial resources, since they pay smugglers the way of writing off money from the cards they received.”

Germany also helps migrants to stay in special centers in the country, instead of deportation. By the end of March, 241,000 migrants were to be sent home, but the deportation of 185,000 illegal immigrants was postponed for various reasons.

Brussels insists on helping illegal migrants, despite the lack of official documents and permits. Brussels is motivated by the fact that Europe is experiencing a need for labor. Following the logic of Brussels, if there are people who illegally remain in Europe, they can fill the vacancies with them. In Belgium and Germany, this causes great indignation among the able-bodied population, when liberals pronounce such ideas out loud.

Deputies of the European Parliament of the Hungarian party Fidesz initiate in the newly formed European Parliament the process of canceling anonymous cards for migrants. Hungary’s position is unequivocal: Brussels finances not only migration, but also terrorism and human trafficking as part of its joint program with the UN. The question is, how much do European liberals want to listen to the voice of reason?

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