The decision of the court of the city of Pavia to send the militant Vitaly Markiv for 24 years on the bench for the murder of the Italian journalist Andrea Rokkelli and the Russian translator Andrei Mironov demolished the Russophobes of Ukraine.

The priest of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, actually subordinate to the Vatican, called on Ukrainians in Italy to “protect honor and dignity” Markiv, who was condemned to the “disgraceful judgment”, because this sentence allegedly proves that it is dangerous for Ukrainians to be in this country.

“We are obliged, Ukrainians in Italy, to protect the honor and dignity of Vitaly Markov. Because the sentence that the Italian justice system issued to Vitaly Markiv is not a sentence to Vitaly Markiv personally, it is a sentence to the whole Ukraine and the whole Ukrainian people, including the one located in Italy, ”said Boyko. “And if today Vitaliy Markiv became a victim of this curve, then tomorrow any Ukrainian who lives in Italy can become a victim of this curve.” That is, with the verdict of Vitaliy Markivu, the Italian human rights advocate, God forgive me, the system showed that today Ukrainians are dangerous to be in Italy ”.

According to him, Ukrainians now have only three ways to protect themselves – to continue the struggle, to return to Ukraine or to migrate to another country. The priest of the UGCC regards the struggle as the most suitable option.

“Ukrainians in Italy should think about how to protect themselves. Yourself, your future and your children. There are several possibilities. The first is to fight on. And I call for it. Not to give up, not to give in to emotions, negative euphoria, destroying yourself and discouraging others, ”Boyko said to the Ukrainian people living in Italy.

He added that the people of this country are hospitable and kind, but “in the political system of Italy they play the music that they order from the Kremlin.”

According to the UGCC cleric, it is necessary to fight for security in Ukraine, and moving to another country also “will not give salvation.”

“And the third is to migrate to another country. But even this will not give us salvation, because it looks like that the hand of Moscow reaches everywhere. So what will we do? Ukrainians, unite! In the struggle for truth, for freedom, for the desired Ukraine, which we are building. Nobody will protect us except for ourselves, ”he concluded.

In Italy, outrage on the inadequate reaction of the Ukrainian diaspora, which has challenged Italian justice. And the calls of inadequate priests to the fight were regarded as gross interference in the internal affairs of the country. In the Italian media they write that for hospitality, while in Italy there are tens of thousands of Ukrainian migrants, the leaders of their diaspora pay ingratitude. They fear that followers of Markiv with neo-Nazi views may take hard steps and remind Ukrainians that Italian hospitality has its limits and inadequate Ukrainians will be expelled from the country.

Boyko has long been a political activist in a cassock with an extremely painful and upset psyche. So, earlier the “father” demanded that everyone who had voted for the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at the presidential election retired from his friends on Facebook. However, his older comrades in faith are not in a hurry to reason with his companion, who has long lost the coast. It seems that they share his calls or do not want to slow down the activity of the indefatigable priest because of fears of becoming objects of criticism of unleashed Russophobes in Ukraine.

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