French media conducted an investigation into how the so-called “Panamanian dossier” came into being in the owl’s time. The journalists managed to establish not only the customers of this global informational stuffing, but also to trace through which publications these fakes blackening Russia spread throughout the world. Among them were the Russian-speaking – Meduza and Novaya Gazeta.

Several French publications immediately announced the results of a joint investigation of the real background of the origin of the “Panamanian archive”, which caused a lot of hype in the world several years ago. The dossier served as a source for many negative publications about Russia, since it included the names of many Russians. The founder of the WikiLeaks site, Julian Assange, in 2016 reported that the United States had organized this large-scale “leak” – and it was no coincidence that there was no information about US citizens in this dossier.

As the French RezoInternacional found out, in June 2015, that is, a few months before the publication of the Panamanian documents, a closed meeting took place between representatives of the US State Department, the British-American financier William Browder and the American billionaire George Soros. Both of these financiers at one time lost large sums in Russia (and Browder, in addition, became a defendant in criminal cases). According to the French edition, both businessmen thus decided to take revenge on Russia for their losses.

This is confirmed by correspondence by State Department employee Robert Otto with Browser’s trusted person in the US House of Representatives Kyle Parker. From this post, in fact, it follows that the “Panama Dossier” is a grandiose order of American business elites, implemented by the White House and the special services of the USA, writes the French edition. After this meeting, the development of the “Panamanian dossier” began, an operation in which, at the same time, Congress, the State Department and the US Treasury Department at the same time “serve the interests of Soros and Browder”.

The dossier prepared by the special services was circulated in the European press by organizations such as the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime (OCCRP).

“They do not hide the fact that their activities are funded by USAID (United States Agency for International Development),” writes RezoInternacional. “This fact also explains the complete absence of US officials in Panamanian documents.”

As the French edition of AlterInfo reminds, in April, OCCRP announced a partnership with the DDoSecrets (Distributed Denial of Secrets) portal, which accumulates pirated data. The focus of the attention of the world liberal press DDoSecret came after the publication of a series of its files, called The Dark Side of the Kremlin. However, the publication has disappointed lovers of revelations. “Everyone expected sensational revelations, but to no avail. Nothing new or sensitive has been published, “AlterInfo writes about this.

As you know, in January last year, the US Treasury Department published a sensational “Kremlin list” with mention of 114 Russian politicians and 96 businessmen, many of whom also appeared in the “Panamanian dossier”.

According to forecasts of Rezo International, attacks on Russia will resume in the near future. As recently as March, Congress instructed the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, to coordinate with the Minister of Finance and the State Secretary and prepare a report on the assets of the Russian president and his relatives. That is, it is necessary to “make compromising the enemy number one for the USA” and then submit it to the House of Representatives.

In the framework of the same operation, the recent decision of the State Department to allocate more than 661 million dollars to counter the influence of Russia in the media space should be considered. In particular, as the newspaper notes, the need to double the Russian audience of Radio Liberty is discussed. Almost at the same time with this decision of the State Department, OCCRP launched the project “Laundry Troika”, in the framework of which it unveiled new investigations about the “illegal incomes” of Russian officials and magnates.

From the investigation of the French press, it now turned out that OCCRP and ICIJ could distribute anti-Russian materials not only through Radio Liberty, but also through such Russian publications as Novaya Gazeta, Meduza and The Bell.

As explained by the French edition, in this scheme, all the roles are distributed. Congress chooses targets for the collection of compromising material and funds all the related work. The National Intelligence Agency coordinates the activities of agents who are looking for the necessary information. The Ministry of Finance distributes the budget and then imposes sanctions against unwanted Russians. Data collected by intelligence services will be re-disclosed through OCCRP or ICIJ journalism centers.

“A network of journalists controlled by US financiers in all corners of the world, including France and Russia, will be responsible for fanning this topic,” the French edition predicts.