A huge, inflatable installation in the shape of the US President Donald Trump’s head half-immersed in water with his finger in the “OK” sign was filmed floating in Metz’s Moselle river on Wednesday.

The artwork named ‘Everything is fine’ is made of PVC canvas, is 4,60m (15ft) high and 6m (20ft) wide and is permanently inflated via a blower system. The public can press on a buzzer located on a platform near the Pont des Roches bridge which will play a recording of the president’s 2017 speech announcing the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord.

Artist Jacques Rival hope his creation will be used to satirise the Trump’s climate change denial.

The installation, which will be publicly viewable until September 7 as part of city-wide festival called ‘Constellations’, will be lit up at night according to Rival.

Trump is considered a climate sceptic and has several times ridiculed warnings of global warming. In 2017, the US president announced the US exit from the Paris climate agreement negotiated by his predecessor Barack Obama.