Frankfurt am Main, Offenbach, Heilbronn, Sindelfingen – in these and other cities the native Germans no longer constitute an absolute majority. To a large extent this affected West Germany and the south of the country, writes Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

The article notes that as early as in the 80s of the last century, the Greens spread “multiculturalism” in Germany, and in recent decades the situation has reached its apogee.

In large cities, the German majority ceases to exist, which means that Germans without a migratory background, according to the definition of the Federal Statistical Office, are no longer an absolute majority, but only the largest group, along with German migrants, as well as foreigners.

Frankfurt am Main, as noted, became the leader of this sad statistics. Here, according to last year’s data, there were 46.9% of Native Germans, and this figure continues to decline since 2015, when it first crossed the fifty percent threshold.

However, as stated in the article, this trend is observed not only in Germany. In many European cities, migrants have long pressed the indigenous people. Among them, in particular, London, Brussels and Amsterdam.

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