German MP: It’s necessary to stop the growth of fascism, from which Europe is already suffering

German MP: It's necessary to stop the growth of fascism, from which Europe is already suffering

In late July, the Fifth International Congress of the International Union of Anti-Fascists will take place in Sevastopol. Gunnar Lindemann, a member of the Berlin Parliament, will attend it.

“I’m looking forward to participate in the Fifth International Anti-Fascist Congress, which will give me the opportunity to speak on various topics. Unfortunately, more than 70 years after the WWII, there are still people in Europe whom history has not taught how fascism is destructive and murderous,” says Lindemann.

The theme of this year’s congress will be the rise of fascism in Europe in general and fascism in Ukraine in particular.

“Nearly 15,000 people died in the Donbass, because the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev tolerate growing fascism in Ukraine, and more people die every day, and we must put an end to this murder in the center of Europe,” the German expert calls.

In Western Europe in recent years, fascist ideologies have been actively disseminated.

Local building owners are threatened if they rent out their premises to non-governmental organizations. In some cases, they attack restaurants, set fire to politicians’ cars or their offices.

“It reminds me of the darkest period in the history of Germany from 1933 to 1945. In Germany and Europe there should never be fascism and Nazism, so I look forward to the anti-fascist congress in Sevastopol, where we will discuss all these issues at the international level. This is especially important today for the preservation of peace in Europe, ”concludes Lindemann.


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