German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ceasefire in Libya, while addressing foreign diplomats serving in Germany at a reception in Meseberg Castle outside Berlin, on Tuesday.

“Germany supports the efforts of the United Nations to achieve a ceasefire without preconditions and to re-enter a political process,” she stressed, urging all countries to implement the UN arms embargo on the war-torn country.

“External actors bring far too many weapons to Libya. Therefore there has to be an implementation of the arms embargo to counteract a further escalation and we have to do everything we can to ensure that there is not a development as we have seen in Syria for years now,” she added.

Merkel also addressed the issue of European relations with Africa, saying that Europe must fully support the continent’s development.

“Africa is not just rich in natural resources, but above all it’s an innovative continent because so many young people live there. A continent with great business potential, and we have to use that better. The planned African Continental Free Trade Area, which was spoken about at the African Union conference in Niger, can be key for that,” she said.

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