Greece: Conservatives to regain power in landslide victory

New Democracy President Kyriakos Mitsotakis lead Greece’s centre-right New Democracy party into a landslide victory at the country’s general election on Sunday.

Speaking to the press after the announcements of initial results in Athens, Mitsotakis said “I asked for a strong mandate to change the country and the Greek people delivered. I am very, very grateful for the result. We won an outright majority, which was our main target. We almost reached 40 per cent which is an incredible number given the context of our fragmented political landscape, and I feel that I have a strong mandate to deliver on my agenda, which is an agenda to grow the economy, to create more jobs, but also to make sure that the Greek people feel safe again.”

Mitsotakis went on to say that the new government would be ready to begin legislating following a confidence vote by the Greek parliament on July 21st.

“I’ve received an outright majority, that’s what many people thought was inconceivable a few years ago, but that means there is a really strong mandate for changing Greece, and this is what I promise to deliver and this is what I will do,” Mitsotakis concluded.

New Democracy is currently reported to have received 39.8 per cent of the vote so far, edging out the current ruling party Syriza, who took have 31.6 per cent of the vote.

The winner of the election receives an extra 50 seats in parliament, which, according to current projections, would give New Democracy an outright majority.


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