Lindemann and Poppel: Donbass has friends in Western Europe

After several visits to school number 30 in Lugansk, German deputy Gunnar Lindemann and the Austrian representative of the Suvorov Institute in Vienna, Patrick Poppel, plan to intensify cooperation.

Lindemann: “We supported children with teaching materials on the German language and donations to school textbooks on the German language, and it is surprising how much the teachers are committed to teaching children German language and culture in a war zone.”

It is planned to find partner classes and exchange teachers in Germany and Austria.

Poppel: “We are already on the way to the opportunity to present our specific project in Lugansk already in the autumn, and the plans are taking concrete form.”

It is important to show people in the war zone that they are not forgotten and that they have friends in Western Europe.

Lindemann: “There are also several hundred ethnic Germans living in the war zone in the Donbass, who, unfortunately, are completely forgotten by the governments of Berlin and Vienna.” We can not agree with that. Although Germany and Austria accept millions of illegal tigers from Africa and Arabia, our countrymen in the war zone left by our governments. “

Together with the authorities in Lugansk, we will create our new project to support Russian Germans in the Donbas and, in particular, to support schools in Lugansk.


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