Syria: Child labour rampant in Raqqa as war leaves families fatherless and destitute

Tens of thousands of children in Raqqa have become their families’ main breadwinners when their fathers did not return from the civil war which economically devastated the region.

Footage shot on Tuesday shows some of these children working in Al-Karamah, in Raqqa district.

“I wish I could go to school, my dream is to be a doctor but our financial situation is not good,” said 12-year-old Mohammed from Al-Mashlab, who makes fuel pumps.

The Enmaa organisation, dedicated to children’s rights, is attempting to alleviate the situation by offering training and education to the children.

So far they have helped 1,150 of the 22,400 children in Al-Karamah, according to Enmaa, but they would like to offer families economic assistance so the children can stop working and go back to school.


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