Several Districts in Venezuela’s Caracas Facing Blackouts

Several districts in Venezuela’s capital of Caracas have been swept by blackouts.

“An accident disrupted electricity supply in Baruta [district]. The residents report that the electricity supply is stable only in Chula Vista, Colinas de Bello Monte and Cumbres de Curumo,” Darwin Gonsales, the head of Caracas’ Baruta neighborhood, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

Gonsales added that all existing algorithms for tackling such emergencies have been activated.

The Nacional newspaper reported that disruptions in the electricity supply have now occurred for three days in a row.

In March, Venezuela faced two major blackouts, one of which was the largest in the country’s history with at least 21 out of Venezuela’s 23 regions having no power for several days.

Venezuelan authorities blamed the blackouts on attacks by the United States, while Washington claimed they occurred because of the poor condition of Venezuela’s power grid.


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