The victory in the idlib de-escalation zone, which was the last stronghold of the militants in Syria, will force the American armed forces to leave the Middle Eastern country says Syrian political analyst Muhannad al-Dahir in the comments to the Federal News Agency.

According to him, Idlib, in principle, is the last stage of armed conflict, although the most difficult of all. The fact is that in the process of liberation of other regions, an agreement was signed with terrorist groups, and the militants themselves were disarmed and taken to Idlib. From here, there is simply nowhere to evacuate the jihadists.

“The problem is that after this Idlib there is no other, and there is no opportunity to reach an agreement with the terrorists to take them somewhere else,” explains al-Dahir.

At the same time, he notes that the United States is not interested in the settlement. He stressed that “the last battle is now unfolding for the United States.” This is due to the fact that a victory in Idlib will draw a line under armed conflict. “The American presence on the eastern bank of the Euphrates will be threatened if the Syrian Arab army succeeds in quickly liberating the idlib de-escalation zone,” he stated.

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