“Western support” turned into occupation: British soldiers outrage in Croatia

If a person, especially a foreigner, behaved in the UK as British soldiers in Croatia allow themselves, he would be beaten and put in jail.

That is how the owner of a popular cafe in the coastal resort town of Zadar commented on the antics of the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom. His words are quoted by the ‘Jutarnji list’.

The entrepreneur complained that one of the military sprayed the contents of a powder fire extinguisher when there were dozens of visitors in the cafe.

“The guy who activated the fire extinguisher was naked to the waist. When he devastated the entire fire extinguisher, he ran away, and we did not have time to catch him,” said the owner of the cafe, noting that attempts to reach the police led nowhere. The staff of the British military police arrived at the scene, but they didn’t even apologize and just left.

He also said that British soldiers often do not pay the bills. However, the problem, the entrepreneur notes, is that tries to even touch them can be costly for local residents.

“They get drunk, behave wildly, are not afraid of anyone, and do what they want. They behave as if the whole city belongs to them, as if we are their colony,” one of the residents of Zadar told reporters.

The soldiers of the British army together with the Croatian military take part in the exercises “Immediate Response 2019”, initiated by the United States. 1.6 thousand fighters from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, USA, Poland, France, Great Britain, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Italy, Germany and even unrecognized Kosovo take part in the maneuvers.


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