Renowned aerobatic teams the Swifts, the Russian Knights and the Golden Eagles flew in tight formations and performed breathtaking aerial stunts on the final day of the Army-2019 expo outside Moscow.

The Swifts (Strizhi) were first to take to the skies above the Patriot Park in Kubinka in their MiG-29s. The six jets, which have blue swifts drawn on their underside, were flying just meters away from each other and then dispersing to leave fanciful patterns in the air.

It was next up to the Russian Knight (Russkkiye Vityazi) and their Su-30SMs, decorated in the colors of Russia’s flag, to entertain the audience. The four jets showed some more impressive formations as well as various aerobatic maneuvers like aileron rolls, loops and tailslides.

The aerial ballet of the Mi-28N ‘Night Hunter’ and Ka-52 ‘Alligator’ attack helicopters, piloted by the aces of the Golden Eagles (Berkuty), was the icing on the cake. The choppers flew backwards and fired projectiles, among other stunts.

The Army expo has been staged annually since 2015 to showcase the best in Russian weaponry for guests and foreign buyers. This year, the five-day event was visited by almost 800,000 people, including delegations from 120 countries. Around 50 major contracts, worth over $15 billion, were signed during the expo.