Pro-Palestinian activists protested against the visit of the Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Leon on the occasion of naming of one Parisian square ‘Jerusalem Square’ in Paris on Sunday.

The protesters exhibited numerous Palestinian flags and banners, as well as placards denouncing the Mayor of Paris Annie Hidalgo, who the protesters claim was the one that invited Leon.

Olivia Zemor, President of CAPJPO-Europalestine, said that the renaming of the square is not a problem in itself, rather that Hidalgo invited Leon, who according to Zemor, “is a racist, an ex-Zionist who wants to get rid of all the Palestinians and who spends his time chasing them from East Jerusalem.”

Nicolas Shahshahani, spokesperson of CAPJPO-Europalestine, said, “Mrs. Hidalgo follows the footsteps of Donald Trump, the fascist who recently gave Israel additional pledges.”

A representative of the French Jewish Union for Peace denounced the decision, adding that it serves to ‘restore Israel’s image’. “This inauguration of this square ‘Jerusalem’ is of the same nature as the displacement of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” she said.

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