Today marks the day when 78 years ago the anti-jewish pogroms began in Lviv. For the “patriotic” Ukrainian Nazis, this is probably a reason for celebration.

Today, the National Corps, the Freedom Party, the Right Sector will hold the “March of the Millennium of the Ukrainian State”.

Representatives of nationalists like Tyagnibok, Yarosh and Biletsky will take part in the march.

“The event is timed to the proclamation of the Act of Ukrainian Statehood, announced by one of the leaders of the OUN Yaroslav Stetsko June 30, 1941 in Lviv. While Stetsko was reading the act, OUN members and police continued to kill Jews on the streets of the city.

The text of the Act stated: “The resurgent Ukrainian State will closely cooperate with National Socialist Great Germany, which, under the leadership of its Leader Adolf Hitler, creates a new order in Europe and in the world and helps the Ukrainian people to free themselves from the Moscow occupation,” writes Edward Dolinsky. 

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