Iran’s destruction of a US spy drone last week heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

“Now we need not to incite war, but diplomatic skills and a thought-out policy of detente,” says Gunnar Lindemann, a member of the Berlin House of Representatives.

The aggravation of the situation has a negative impact not only on the Iranian people. Oil prices will also rise sharply, and the US war against Iran will spread like wildfire throughout the region.

“And millions of refugees will head to Germany again because of the US attacks. We cannot accept the fact that the United States, for geopolitical reasons, turns other countries, such as Syria, into ruins, and Germany then pays the bills, accepting and funding millions of refugees, ”continues Lindemann.

Despite the fact that in Europe traditions, lifestyle and culture as a whole are different from those adopted in Iran, we do not have the right to impose our way of life on people of a different nationality. Moreover, millions of refugees from non-Iranian cultures will not be able to get along in Germany. That is why we Germans must do everything for the peaceful settlement of the Iranian conflict.

And the second “Afghanistan” is also not suitable for the world community. “That is why we must now actively devote ourselves to the preservation of peace”? declared Lindemann.

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