The colonial ambitions of the United Kingdom make themselves felt in the plans of the British military to stay on the territory of the Baltic countries with the same excuse about “restraining Russia”.

Corresponding intentions were voiced by the Minister of Defense of Great Britain Penny Mordaunt, who arrived in the Lithuanian port city of Klaipeda.

“The UK’s position is to be here for a long time,” she said during a visit to the largest British maneuvers in the Baltic States over the past century.

At the same time, she accused Russia of “becoming more and more categorical,” pointing to modern Russian weapons and strengthening the army. Mordont assured that London had already figured out how events might develop in the near future.

“We intend to do more with the help of such projects as the United Expeditionary Force and others in order to increase security and stability in the Baltic countries,” says the British minister. “We adjusted the funding to direct it to the region.”

The combined expeditionary forces were created with the participation of the Baltic and North European countries, as well as Britain. Now they are conducting exercises with the participation of 3 thousand military and 17 vessels.

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