German parliamentarians supported the introduction of new legislation, according to which German citizenship may be deprived of persons who are or were former members of terrorist groups, reports Deutsche Welle.

The new law greatly tightens the rules for the acquisition of German citizenship. In addition, up to ten years, that is, twice, the period in which a migrant can be deprived of citizenship for providing false information has been extended.

At the same time, the new law has already faced a significant obstacle. The fact is that, according to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany, the authorities cannot deprive a person of his citizenship if in this case he can become a person without citizenship. Thus, even potential terrorists get a chance to keep a German passport.

During the voting, the draft law was not supported by any of the opposition factions. At the same time, representatives of the Alternative for Germany party, which advocates more radical methods of dealing with the migration crisis, sharply criticized the bill for its “softness”.

At the same time, the deputy from the Left Party, Martin Renner, generally acknowledged that the law is symbolic, and even radical Islamists, whom it targeted, would not be affected, due to the fact that all their crimes were committed in the past.

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