Two more suspects were arrested in a case linked to the murder of German politician Walter Luebcke on Thursday.

Elmar J. and Markus, aged 64 and 43 respectively, were detained on suspicion of being accessories to murder.

The federal prosecutor’s office said that there was no initial indication that the pair were part of, or knew about, 25-year-old Stephan Ernst’s plans to kill Luebcke, or that the three had formed an extremist of terror group. However, investigators believe the two suspects knew of Ernst’s ties to right-wing extremism.

Luebcke, was found dead on the terrace of his family home in Wolfhagen near Kassel on June 2.

Kassel’s regional government chief was an outspoken defender of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to welcome refugees in 2015 and had received death threats in the past. Luebcke was a member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party.

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