If the EU cannot force Kosovo Albanians to abolish the “draconian” 100 percent duties on goods from Central Serbia, then no one can guarantee the implementation of any agreements from the Brussels Treaty – a key document from the negotiations of Belgrade and Pristina”, writes Serbian media outlet Politika.

Experts suggest a return to the state that existed six years ago.

“The inclusion of Washington and Moscow in the dialogue is one of the solutions that could save the Brussels Treaty. After the cancellation of the meeting in Paris, it is generally not clear in what format the dialogue can be continued. The outgoing Brussels elite are not able to bring the conversation to the end. And it would be logical to include in the process the largest guarantor of the Albanians – Washington, but that Moscow should also be the guarantor for Belgrade that everything that has been agreed will be fulfilled,” the article says.

Earlier, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said that the meeting on Kosovo settlement scheduled for Paris in early July will not take place. The main stumbling block in the negotiation process remains the duty on goods from Central Serbia in the amount of 100%, which was introduced at the end of last year by the authorities of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”. In addition, Pristina has repeatedly demanded that Belgrade recognize the independence of the disputed region.

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