Detail of the uniforms of the German police in the European Union.

Several girls in the city of Düsseldorf in the west of Germany became victims of a group of migrants of Moroccan, Lebanese and Palestinian origin.

On this on Tuesday, June 26, reports the German edition of the News Front agency , referring to data from law enforcement agencies.

According to the available information, the four detained criminals were from 24 to 29 years old. As it turned out, they came to the discos and got acquainted with the future victims, posing as the pseudonyms “Jamal”, “Sammy”, “Momo” or “Bilal”. Subsequently, the girls were lured into the house of the suspect or the hotel where the criminals brutally raped them.

“The victims were in the hands of criminals for several hours. What was happening was filmed on a mobile phone, ”the police said. In addition, it is noted that the criminals deliberately used contraception.

The detainees are charged with a series of gang rapes. In addition, the investigation does not exclude that there are other victims of migrants.

As previously reported by News Front, a sociological survey was conducted among migrants in one of the countries of Europe, which showed that one in five respondents considered local girls to be the culprits of rape .

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