German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer described right-wing extremists as a red line that Democrats distance themselves from, during a press conference at the Bundestag in Berlin on Wednesday.

The German Parliament had called for a special session of the committee for Internal Affairs and Homeland to be briefed about the current state of the investigations concerning the murder of Walter Luebcke, which Seehofer, along with General Prosecutor Dr. Peter Frank, President of the Federal Criminal Police Office Holger Muench and President of the Secret Service Thomas Haldenwang delivered during the non-public meeting.

In remarks to the press following the meeting, Seehofer said that the alleged perpetrator, known as Stefan E. had confessed, saying he acted on his own. Further details are part of the investigation and therefore not being published.

Seehofer said that “the consequence is that we have extremism in general and right extremism within the Federal Republic of Germany, which I believe is very dangerous, via a personal and causal reinforcement of the security authorities.”

He went on to stress that “I can only tell the citizens – You don’t have connections with right extremists, also no expressions of sympathy. Democrats distance themselves from these people and that clearly, red line.”

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