Swedish judge: Americans in Kosovo concealed Albanian warcrimes

Since 1999, Serbs in Kosovo have not received a chance to live like the entire normal world. Probably, many participants of international missions in this region are ashamed of their work, ”says Swedish judge Krister Karphamar, who worked in this disputed territory in 1999, in an interview with the Belgrade newspaper“ Evening News ”.

As Karphamar wrote in his book “The Judge in the Land of Lawlessness,” his entire service consisted of “greater and lesser catastrophes.” At the same time, he said, while trying to bring the Albanians to justice, “the main players in Kosovo appeared – the Americans, who did everything to hide the crimes.”

In particular, the judge mentions the attack of the Albanians on the Serbian bus, mainly with women with children, in the year 200. Then two people died, and the other 47 were injured for life. The NATO mission in Kosovo arrested two suspects, and during the Albanian demonstrations, another 45 people. However, soon all had to be released on the orders of the French general, who received threats.

He also mentioned other incidents involving armed attacks on Serbs when NATO forces did not know how to respond. The theme of the black trade in human organs, he said, was not interested in the International Hague Tribunal.

“10 years have passed since Dick Marty’s report (on organ trade in Kosovo, Red) and 20 years since that event. I doubt that Albanians will ever be condemned.”

“I know from high American officers that the bombings of Yugoslavia were prepared by the special services to separate Kosovo from Serbia and establish a military base there. Maintenance of bases in Western Europe has become expensive,” Kamphamer mentioned.

Krister Karphamarworked in Kosovo and Metohija from 1999 to 2011 as an international judge, the first in this post after UN Resolution 1244 (on post-war order in the province).


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