Dozens of protesters gathered at the Inland Revenue Tower, a government building in Hong Kong, and blocking access to the entrance and the lobby for two hours on Monday, as people protested against China extradition bill.

Footage shows protesters blocking the doors and pushing people away from the entrance. Some minor scuffles broke out as people got agitated.

“We are blocking the Revenue Tower because Carrie Lam has not responded to any of our demands, including rejecting the law completely,” said protester Hay, adding: “we want to do something to affect to government, not the people.”

According to reports, protesters are planning a massive protest for Wednesday, 26 of June, hoping to draw attention of world leaders attending the G-20 summit in neighbouring Japan.

Protests continue despite Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam announcing an indefinite suspension of the extradition bill late last week. Protesters are now demanding Lam’s resignation.

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