Venezuelan President Vows to Take UN Recommendations on Human Rights

Venezuelan President Vows to Take UN Recommendations on Human Rights

The United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, wrapping up an official visit to Venezuela on Friday, will leave two delegates in the troubled nation to monitor the situation, Reuters reported.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Friday said he would take “seriously” the recommendations of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights following their meeting in Caracas, AFP reported.

“There are always going to be different criteria in every country, but I told her that she can count on me, as president, to take her suggestions, her recommendations and her proposals seriously”, Maduro said, cited by AFP.

In a separate statement, Maduro said later that “it was a good visit […] During the visit of Michelle Bachelet today, we made the first step to rapprochement between the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan society for the development of relations in the area of human rights. We are moving forward. I believe that this visit was successful for Venezuela as a whole and the system of international law”.

Bachelet, who arrived in Caracas on Wednesday, also met separately the opposition leader Juan Guaido. The UN human rights chief did not speak publicly after meeting with Guaido on Thursday, Reuters reported.

Maduro said earlier that Bachelet’s visit would contribute to an improvement of human rights in the country.


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