Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the current one, Jeremy Hunt have secured their places as the final contenders for Tory Leadership with the final vote taking place on July 22.

Commenting on the current political race for the post of the Tory leader and the country’s prime minister, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was ready to work with the elected prime minister.

“We will respect the results of the elections and are ready to work with everyone, who is ready to work with Russia,” Putin said.

When asked whether he supports any candidate for this post, Putin said that he had no favourites.

The president also called “strange” the system of prime minister election in the United Kingdom.

“The only thing I would like to draw your attention to is that all the time they point their finger at us with regard to the democratic processes in Russia, voting rights and so on. The queen, as we know, does not solve any issues and performs formal duties of the head of state, while the prime minister has all powers. A prime minister resigns. Its Mrs. Theresa May now. How does a new [prime minister] get elected? Through a general election? No. It happens through a ‘party get-together,'” Putin added.

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