About 5,000-7,000 Russian tourists who bought tours via travel agencies are currently staying in Georgia, but the number of those who organized a trip on their own is two or three times higher, the head of the Russian Association of Tour Operators (RATO) told.

“About 5,000-7,000 organized tourists are currently staying in Georgia. The number of independent tourists is two or three times higher,” RATO Executive Director Maya Lomidze told on Friday.

“The duration of those tours varies, but some trips are booked until the beginning of September. Reservations for September have also been submitted,” she added.

The official said that while cancelling their trip to Georgia under present circumstances, tourists are entitled to a full return of their money. Under article 14 of the Russian law on tourism, customers who cancel their trip due to unexpected developments in the country of their temporary stay, which pose threat to their life or health, should have their losses fully compensated by the travel agent. Those who had to cut short their trip under similar circumstances are to get a full compensation for the remaining period.

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