Mexican FM said National Guard deployed on south border after Trump deal

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced that his country finished the deployment of the National Guard on the southern border as part of the new migration control plan following negotiations with the United States. Ebrard spoke in Mexico City on Friday, flanked by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“First, [it is] to say that the deployment of the National Guard is already finished. They are all set up as expected,” the top diplomat said.

In addition, Lopez Obrador announced that a meeting with US President Donald Trump is due to happen later on.

“What we always said is that we will have good relations with all the governments and all the peoples of the world, and particularly we want to have good relations with the government of the United States, with President Donald Trump, and strengthen our ties of friendship with the American people,” said he.

“Despite the difficulties, of the complex relationships with the US Government, there has been a will from the side of President Trump to reach agreements, that I must acknowledge,” Lopez Obrador added.

On June 7, Trump and Lopez Obrador reached a deal that would reportedly see the US halt the implementation of tariffs in exchange for Mexico strengthening enforcement at its border with Guatemala.