MOSCOW, RUSSIA – APRIL 25, 2019: A view of the Russian Foreign Ministry headquarters. The building is one of the famous Seven Sisters, a group of Moscow skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style. Anton Novoderezhkin/TASS
Ðîññèÿ. Ìîñêâà. Çäàíèå Ìèíèñòåðñòâà èíîñòðàííûõ äåë ÐÔ íà Ñìîëåíñêîé-Ñåííîé ïëîùàäè. Àíòîí Íîâîäåðåæêèí/ÒÀÑÑ

The leadership of the United Kingdon is biased in its analysis of the situation with human rights in the world, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday commenting on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s report on human rights.

“The most ‘distinct’ feature of the document is that the authors have not actually examined the situation in different places. In this regard, the part on Russia provides a good example. This part of the report consists of anti-Russian cliches which are used in many documents. By recycling them, London accuses Russia of violating human rights and having ‘not enough’ democracy, at the same time trying to paint Moscow as responsible for human rights violations in neighboring countries,” the foreign ministry said.

“We have to state that the authors of the report did not succeed in objectively analyzing the situation with human rights in Russia. We see only a biased approach toward examining the real situation,” the ministry added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that this report once again confirmed UK’s use of double standards when assessing the human rights situation in the world. Like other reports, this one has “a mentoring tone and demonstrates complete disregard of the concept of sovereignty and one of the fundamental principles of international law – non-interference into the internal affairs of other countries,” the ministry said.

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