Moldova’s new government attempts to take in Plahotniuc’s old sponsors

With a request to overseas “partners” for the resumption of financial assistance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic Nikolai Popescu addressed.

“The previous leadership of Moldova also held a dialogue on this issue, but it was blocked due to corruption in the republic, the level of which did not meet the necessary criteria. We managed to coordinate with the American partners the quickest unblocking, ”he noted.

According to the head of the diplomatic department, funding can be provided through the Millennium Challenge program or the US Agency for International Development, known for organizing the Color Revolutions.

As previously reported by News Front, after the Socialist Party united with the pro-European bloc “ACUM” to create a parliamentary coalition, the Democratic Party of Plakhotniuk tried to usurp power, and the Constitutional Court ruled that the oligarch was illegal. However, the coup attempt was unsuccessful. Acknowledging defeat, Plakhotnyuk and his comrades fled the country.


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