US House Speaker Pelosi Calls for Trump’s Impeachment

Pelosi’s remarks come in response to a question whether President Trump should be simply subject to censure in case of a misdemeanour.

US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated that President Trump should face impeachment if the Democratic Party investigation finds him guilty of a significant wrongdoing.

Speaking to reporters as quoted by Reuters, Pelosi said “if the goods are there, you must impeach”.

Trump and Pelosi have recently locked horns, with the US president accusing the house speaker of making a “fascist statement” via her claim that the Trump administration is involved in a “criminal cover-up”.

The spat comes amid a push by the Democratic Party to impeach the president over possible obstruction of justice charges following the conclusions drawn by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The report found that Trump’s campaign team did not collude with Russia. However, the document detailed ten instances of Trump’s actions that may constitute obstruction of justice. This claim was rejected by US Attorney General William Barr who said that evidence provided in Mueller’s report doesn’t suffice to confirm obstruction of justice.

Earlier, Nancy Pelosi argued against impeachment, saying that it could backfire against the Democratic Party.