The Syrian Arab army conducted a successful operation to eliminate two militant groups in the province of Hama.

About this on Wednesday, June 19, reported Syrian information resources.

According to reports, the special forces division of the Tiger Forces government forces blocked the road on which the jihadist’s car was driving in the region of Jalama in the north-west of the province. The car was forced to stop, after which the servicemen opened fire on the militants.

Another group of terrorists was neutralized in one of the houses near Jalama. The building was an arsenal of militants. The Islamists inside were blocked. Syrian troops opened fire from multiple rocket launchers, and then carried out a sweep. As a result of the operation, about ten terrorists were liquidated. Affiliation of militants to any of the groups is not specified.

As previously reported by News Front, on the eve of the militants of the terrorist group “Hyatt Tahrir ash-Sham” * made two failed attempts to attack the positions of government troops in the province of Hama.

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