It’s time to recognize Russia and Europe’s unity – German Politician

Given the frankly Russophobic policies of the governments of most Western countries, Europe, and Germany, in particular, it would be worthwhile to thank Moscow for its patience and condescension.

The deputy from the party “Alternative for Germany” in the House of Representatives of Berlin, Gunnar Lindemann, spoke about this on Wednesday, June 19, in the comments of the German editorial office of the News Front agency , commenting on the statement of the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. At the conference in Finland, he recommended “more distant relations with Moscow” against the background of the “disappointment” of the West with Russia.

According to Lindemann, Steinmeier’s attitude towards Russia does not promote either peace or cooperation in the European space. “The president has still not realized that Russia and Europe are one,” he noted, adding that, unfortunately, there are many of these in the West.

Talk of “disappointment” in the actions of Russia raises a number of questions, the deputy continues. However, it is much more important to think about how frustrating Moscow should be after many years of tough anti-Russian policy.

“Let us take as an example the expansion of NATO to the east or the circus around the Crimea, whose inhabitants voluntarily decided to join Russia,” said the politician, drawing attention to the fact that the list of provocative demarches of the West is impressive.

“If Steinmeier were interested in peace and good neighborly relations in Europe, he would have thanked the Russians for their proven calmness in the past,” Lindemann said. He also called on official Berlin to finally move to a constructive policy, to achieve the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and peace in the Donbas. All that is needed for this is the desire and understanding of European needs, he stated.


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