Five years ago, the Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing 777 passenger carrying the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed into the territory of Donbass. The tragedy occurred on July 17, 2014. As a result of the crash, 298 people died, including the crew.

During all this time, the world community has heard many versions and an assumption about the cause of the collapse of MN-17. It should be noted that the so-called joint investigation team conducting the investigation did not allow Russian experts.

Recall that in September last year, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation prepared a report, according to which the blame for the collapse of the Malaysian MH-17 lies solely in Ukraine.

The tragic events were commented on by journalist and military historian Yuri Dudkin on the TV channel NewsFront TV.

According to him, despite the fact that this story is rather dark, “all dark stories are revealed sooner or later.”

“Such stories are always very interesting, as such things have no statute of limitations. Take the “Third Reich”, there were such secrets that no one guessed, but after decades they surface. The most interesting thing is that the Germans themselves reveal them. I think that the story of MN-17, which crashed in the skies over Ukraine, will be revealed by Ukraine, and not Holland, Malaysia or Russia, despite the fact that Moscow has already done a great deal for this business, having conducted investigative experiments at the plant “Almaz Antey”, who proved Kiev’s involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing, ”said Dudkin.

The speaker drew attention to how “primitive lies in this matter.”

“She is not only primitive – she is mockingly primitive. If this happened in any other state, the first question that would arise from criminologists, investigators and experts would be: “Why was airspace not closed at the time of active combat, and with the use of portable air defense systems?” This is the very first question that any sensible expert will have. From this question other questions arise: on the relocation of the installation, its being in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and others. Without answering the question why Kiev did not close the sky, we cannot take on the solution of such issues in order to reach the truth, ”he stated.

According to the journalist, the sky was not closed and it was done intentionally: “It was a deliberate act. Nobody answered this question in Ukraine. ”

The speaker also drew attention to a number of issues in this case. Firstly, why did the Dutch investigating authorities, who were investigating the disaster, announced the end of the investigation at a time when very important fragments of the aircraft remained on the field where the airliner fell.

“This is another nonsense that is unthinkable in world practice. You can not complete the investigation until all the details, until the last screw will not be removed from the territory. The strangeness is still observed in the fact that the Dutch “specialists”, who were at the scene of the disaster, estimated the situation superficially. Moreover, the media that were engaged in replicating the shelling of this territory after the crash of the Boeing, even far from Russian, and even those media that do not have a great love for Russia, were surprised at how important investigations should be carried out during the investigative experiments, This area beats artillery. It was a surprise for the media and world experts, ”said Dudkin.

Summing up, the journalist also drew attention to the fact that none of the “investigators” interviewed the local residents, those “who saw the wreck of the ship with their own eyes”.

“Full disregard of the witnesses to the crash suggests that someone was very interested in this. This action was carried out purposefully – it was not an accidental action, and the plane flew into the area not by accident. Everything was prepared carefully. If you look at the situation sensibly, the Ukrainian authorities should have closed the sky and warned all countries of the world that active hostilities are taking place in the region. This message is sent first and foremost, not only through the channels of the Ministry of Defense, but also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But this was not done by Ukraine, ”concluded Yuri Dudkin

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