Homeless camps pop up across LA in ‘unprecendented crisis’

Stretches of encampments of homeless people were filmed in Los Angeles on Monday, amid reports of an increase in the number of the destitute population, which the President of the Los Angeles Mission Herb Smith described as an “unprecededented crisis.”

“This is an unprecededented crisis in LA. We have seen a 12 to 16 percent increase in Skid Row, while we’ve seen an increase across the state, some 20 to 35 percent increase, because the challenge for us is housing and the cost of housing in the state of California,” said Smith.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority reported that the homeless population in the wider county rose to 58,936 individuals, or 12% in comparison to 2018, whereas the city of Los Angeles saw an increase up to 36,300 individuals, or a 16% increase.

“It’s an ongoing and growing crisis until we can sustain the fundamentals of housing, mental health treatment, drug addiction and the economic empowerment of individuals for employment,” said Smith.


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