Berlin skeptical about Zelensky’s visit to the EU

It is hard to believe that a dialogue with the president, who had just recently been an actor, will lead to serious results. It is all the more obvious that the German chancellor and the French president are more interested in stagnating the conflict in the Donbass than in a settlement, on Tuesday, June 18, a MP from Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in the Berlin House of Representatives Gunnar Lindemann told in a comment to News Front Deutsch, commenting on Vladimir Zelensky’s talks with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

“Talks with the old actor as a new president will not lead to anything,” states the politician. “If Zelensky wants to fulfill his campaign promises and embark on the path of appeasement of Donbass, he will inevitably have to reach a new level.”

According to him, the problem is that the visits of Zelensky to Berlin and Paris are connected, above all, with the desire to knock out new subsidies from the “European partners”. At the same time, Lindemann emphasizes that the situation has changed, and German taxpayers are not interested in the fact that money from the budget was spent on providing an East European country that is mired in crisis, especially since the previous tranches have “sunk into oblivion.”

“If concrete humanitarian peace projects are financed, rational Europeans will not object,” the deputy noted, adding that it is a mandatory requirement for understanding specific problems in Donbass. Unfortunately, the Merkel government does not intend to understand anything, he complains. In fact, Berlin only protects American geostrategic interests.

Against this background, Lindemann wished Zelensky wise decisions in the choice of external partners, adding that “you cannot advise Ukraine to continue in the same spirit.” He noted that the residents of Donbass are waiting for peace, and the new president of Ukraine may well provide it if he does not get involved with the wrong people.