Long lines formed outside the Binational Border Care Centre (Cebaf) in Tumbes, as thousands of Venezuelan migrants sought to enter Peru from Ecuador on Friday, a few hours before new entry restrictions will come into force.

From June 15 onwards, Venezuelan migrants will be required to have a humanitarian visa in addition to their passport in order to enter Peru.

Footage shows Venezuelan migrants arriving with their luggage, and having to wait in large queues before being processed.

One of them, Soleicy Araque, was distraught as she explained her situation, and said: “I cannot move forward because I’m here and I’m going to stay until 11, until 12, until tomorrow, until they arrive and I just ask them to let us enter with our children and relatives. Please, we are begging you. Much like myself, there are millions of Venezuelans in the same situation.”

Another migrant, Nerly Pinero, was also distressed as she is waiting for her two sons to get to Cebaf in time. She explained that she and her husband have a Temporary Residence VISA, which did not extent to their children. “If they are not here at 12 o’clock they won’t enter,” she said.

Since the measures were announced by the Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on June 6, Cebaf reportedly received around 4,500 Venezuelan migrants per day. Since 2017, a total of 768,000 have entered Peru.

According to the United Nations, more than 4 million Venezuelans have left their country due to a severe economic crisis in the oil-rich country.

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