The Sudanese Transitional Military Council (TMC) has confirmed that it has thwarted several coup attempts which followed the overthrow of former President Omar Bashir.

“Two overthrow attempts have been thwarted. Two groups of military personnel have been arrested,” the TMC spokesman, Shams al-Din Kabashi, told a press conference, which was broadcast live on Sudanese TV on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Al Arabiya reported, citing sources, that the TMC had foiled a coup attempt and detained 68 military officers.
The overthrow of Bashir took place in April, following months of anti-government demonstrations. The TMC took over, pledging to hold elections in two years, however, the protests continued, with the opposition calling for power to be immediately transferred to a civilian-led government.

The sides were involved in talks on potential transition. However, in May, the military cracked down on protesters prompting the opposition to withdraw from the negotiations.

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